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The cotton supply chain – Mali



You can support the Koori project with a donation (see instructions at bottom of page), and support the project of School of Weaving and Natural Dyeing in Mali, in 3 different villages in the municipality of Doumba, in the Koulikoro region.

Your donation will serve to fund the following activities:

  1. The conversion of 3 hectares into the cultivation of organic cotton, forecasting an annual harvest of about 10 tonnes.
  2. The setting up of a workshop, equipped with advanced artisanal machinery, for carding, spinning, weaving and dyeing in Dibaro village.
  3. A training allowance for the young apprentices who assist the artisans working on Bogolan cloth, in order to preserve and promote their thousand-year old know-how and techniques.

As regards the cultivation of cotton, specifically, the funds will be used to help the local community produce organic fertilizers and weedkillers, and for sowing and harvesting organic cotton.

Regarding the setting up of a workshop, currently the project plans on shelling, carding, spinning and weaving the cotton with traditional tools, which, thanks to the donations will gradually be integrated with advanced artisanal machinery built locally, in particular professional wooden spinning wheels and looms, in order to increase and facilitate production.

The agreement between Terìa and the artisans involved in the Koori project foresees the artisans being assisted by young apprentices through all the phases of the working and dyeing of the cotton, in order to safeguard the thousand-year-old know-how and techniques. It is thanks to the agreement with Coloriage, which buys and works with Bogolan to create the Koori collection, that some phases of the preparation of the cotton are funded, but the compensation for the trainees is covered entirely by Terìa, thanks to the donations received.

You can make a donation with PayPal through this link, or by making a bank transfer, and you will receive information on how your donation is being used. For information about Bogolan fabrics and creations, please contact the social tailoring workshop Coloriage at





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