Free Fashion School – Italy



You can support the Free Fashion School project Coloriage by making a donation, and you’ll be sent a gift made by refugee and migrant artisans in the social tailoring workshop (see instructions at bottom of page).

Your donation will go towards the funding of a training allowance for the students attending the courses. The training allowance is one of the strong points of the Free Fashion School project. The beneficiaries all belong to vulnerable groups, and they wouldn’t be able to guarantee their presence or commitment during their studies if they weren’t able to meet their basic needs.

The training allowance supports the pupils in the two basic programmes of the School of Fashion: 1) Tailoring and patternmaking aimed at perfecting the participants’ sartorial techniques according to European criteria 2) Fashion Design, which foresees the planning of an original collection and aims at encouraging students to tell their own story through the creation of an item of clothing.

The Coloriage site hosts a fundraiser for the Terìa organization; at this link you can select your gift and the amount you wish to donate. If you do not wish to receive a gift you can make your donation via PayPal at this link or via a bank transfer, see info at bottom of page.




Bank account

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